Daily Rewind – March 22

Notable Songs:

TIGERS JAW is back, and now in all caps. Its their newest song since 2015’s Devinyl split with Kevin Devine. The song is called “Guardian,” from their upcoming record spin. TIGERS JAW is now down to just Ben Walsh and Brianna Collins and the new single is polished pop-punk song with the thoughtful lyricism they are known for.

Kevin Morby released Singing Saw last year. During that time he wrote enough songs for two albums, and now the unreleased material from those sessions will be released this year on his new album City Music. The album is out 6/16 via Dead Oceans. The new single “Come To Me Now” has an accompanying lyric video and reflects the feel of the new music, with clear influences such as the Velvet Underground.

A new song from the upcoming Wavves album You’re Welcome has come out today. The track is called “Animal” is a scuzzed-up punk song like the ones they are known for.

Cloak started putting out music a few years ago but are now just getting around to releasing their debut EP. We Will All Be Equal Soon is similar to previous material; heavily being shoegaze with a frill of industrial rock.

Sophia Allison, aka Soccer Mommy, has released a new 7″ Last Girl / Be Seeing You. Both are lo-fi indie rock songs and catchy little tunes.


Cat Clyde is a new artist from Hamilton, Ontario. She has a song out that is a stomper with stripped drums and dizzying keys.

Albums Now Streaming:

The Spirit of the Beehive is releasing their new album Pleasure Suck on Friday, but the album is now available for streaming. From what I’ve heard so far from the indie-punk record makes this a very exciting pre-release stream.

Videos Worth Watching:

Run The Jewels released RTJ3 at the beginning of the year and have now debuted the video for one of the best singles off an album full of bangers. The video is for “Legend Has It” and is acid-fueled trip in a prison that also tries to make the point of the rapid growth of prisoners in the United States. Watch via Stereogum here.

Skating Polly have a video for their song “Hail Mary” out today. Their sound is very 90’s grunge, which becomes all the more apparent now that Louise Post and Nina Gordon of Veruca Salt are helping them write songs.


We know Broken Social Scene is returning sometime this year with a new album and we may finally get to hear a new track from it on 3/30. They are scheduled to perform on Colbert that night.

The record for most expensive record on Discogs has been broken. Less than a year ago someone paid $15,000 for a promo copy of Prince’s “Black Album.” Now someone paid $18,000 for rare test pressing of Billy Yeager’s 1989 record 301 Jackson St.


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