Daily Rewind – April 3

Notable Songs:

Steve Lacy of The Internet released his debut EP Steve Lacy’s Demo about a month ago. The five-song EP was really good and apparently there was at least one track that go left off of it. The track is titled “Moron” and might’ve been the best song from the EP if it was on it. Listen below:

At The Drive-In have shared the third single from their upcoming album in • ter a • li • a. The song is titled “Hostage Stamps” and is accompanied by a stop-motion video. Vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala said this in a press release: “[It’s] like walking through the hallway in some war-torn ghetto and reading the writing on the wall. When you hear things like, ‘Raise your nithing pole,’ I don’t think anyone will know what that is right away, but when you look it up, it’s this curse. We are going to be victorious. Here’s the fucking head on the stake in front of our army. We’re coming back. It’s reading the writing on the wall. It’s going and keeping your ear to the ground and listening to the heartbeat of young people.” The album is out 5/5 on Rise Records.

Mount Kimbie released “We Go Home Together” today. The song features James Blake, the London crooner who makes similar music. It’s not known whether or not the ambient-influenced electronic duo have shared this as a one-off or it’s part of a new album. Hopefully it’s the latter, and having several tour dates makes that more realistic.

Showtime Goma is the solo project of A Sunny Day In Glasgow member Jen Goma. The first song she has debuted is called “Big Disaster.” It’s an 80’s inspired track with video game-like synths. It was co-written with Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier, as were most of the songs. Showtime Goma’s debut album Smiley Face will be released on 6/16.

Albums Now Streaming:

Vancouver indie-vets The New Pornographers are releasing their seventh album Whiteout Conditions this Friday, but have decided to stream it via NPR five days early. The record doesn’t feature Dan Bejar this time but the band still has some great musicians and songwriters like AC Newman and Neko Case. The album is full of huge hooks and power-pop anthems, the things we know to expect from The New Pornographers, but also a few new interesting things via Exclaim!


Fuoco Fatuo is an Italian funeral doom metal band that are making their Profound Lore Records debut this Friday, and the band has decided to stream the album early. Funeral doom is doom metal mixed with funeral dirge music and creates an interesting combination that makes for dark, slow-building landscapes. Listen to the track “Perpetual Apochaos” below:

Videos Worth Watching:

Katie Crutchfield and Kevin Morby ended a joint solo tour last in Baltimore and to cap it off they performed a great acoustic version of Everclear’s “Santa Monica.”

Brother Ali is putting out his first album in five years on 5/5. The All The Beauty In This Whole Life cut “Own Light (What Hearts Are For)” was released just as an audio track, but now has an accompanying music video. The video is of him rapping next to the Pudget Sound while different clips cut in of scenes people of all backgrounds and faiths interacting.


The Junos, aka Canadian Grammys, were last night. The big winners included The Tragically Hip, Leonard Cohen, Coldplay, and The Strumbellas. Full list here.

The Junos also brought along with it a few controversies. Canada seemed to try to outshine the US when it came to bad music award shows. James Corden was boring, but at least he’s not Russell Peters. Peters tried to be edgy with a sexual assualt joke and a joke about Canada’s Minister of Heritage. Canadians were also pissed when The Tragically Hip, Canada’s Band, was played off the stage after accepting an award.

Bandcamp Daily has a profile on East African Wave (EA Wave for short). EA Wave is a five-member Nairobi-based producer and DJ collective that makes “an amalgamation of trap, house, trip-hop, and downtempo beats.” The article features a paragraph about each member and features music each of them has made as part of EA Wave. Read here.

Producer Steve Lillywhite, who has worked extensively with U2, is currently working at an Indonesian KFC. He is trying to sell the “Kombo Super Star” at a KFC in Jakarta. The combo is a normal KFC meal that also has a CD as part of the bundle. More info thanks to the New York Times here.

Rae Sremmurd hinted at SremmLife 3 on Saturday, and performed a new song this weekend at Ohio State.

Pitchfork has a cool article out about how songs and albums have been accidentally leaked on Shazam because Shazam will usually have the info for a song even before the teaser is released. Read here.


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